The profile of Women’s Football is getting bigger and better season by season. In the 2016 season for the first time the FA Cup Final was played at Wembley- the home of football. Fans can now watch international games, Women’s UEFA Champions League, Women’s Super League, FA Cup and Continental Cup games live on terrestrial tv and satellite channels. Turn to the back pages of daily newspapers and you’ll find results and features on the women’s game. Gates at Women’s Super League matches in the 2016 season have averaged over 1,000 spectators-similar to numbers for some FA Conference sides.

4 Corners is committed to supporting girls and women in the game: a growing number are full time professionals. 4 Corners makes sure women footballers are treated on a par with men. All the Player Services provided by 4 Corners are available for female players. 4 Corners shows its commitment to women’s football by having a dedicated Head of Women’s football with long-standing involvement and expertise within the women's game. Head of Women's Football. 

4 Corners is looking after a number of women footballers in the Women's Super League and other leagues and has the commitment, experience and expertise to support and manage the unique demands of women's football. 4 Corners will continue to promote this aspect of Sports Management. 4 Corners wants to recruit more women players....get in touch.