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Rodgers: English clubs fear Celtic

29-September-2016 23:04
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Fresh from Celtic’s impressive 3-3 draw with Manchester City, Brendan Rodgers claims English clubs would be wary of the Scottish champions moving south.

The Football League recently ruled out the prospect of clubs outside its borders joining an extended structure as they seek eight new members to form four divisions of 20.

And the Northern Irishman believes the Glasgow club would be "a major threat to nearly every club playing in England".

He said: "Make no bones about it. If Celtic are in England, Celtic are one of the top four or six clubs there.

"So can you imagine then the resources playing at that level, what that would produce for Celtic. It could go as far as it wants then.

"For Celtic to be in the English pyramid system is very tough because of the size of the club.

"We have the history, huge club, fan base, team, stadium, it would be a frightening prospect and an exciting prospect if it ever happened but for others looking through it would be very difficult to accept.

"If you are another club playing in the Premier League or the Championship or League One, would you like that type of threat coming in to possibly stop you coming into the league?

"I don't think you would want it and that is the reality. So I think it is always going to be difficult to get that across."