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League winners and losers in the top tier of English football

17-May-2019 23:11
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The English Premier League saw a pulsating end to the league season with Liverpool and Manchester City vying for top spot on the last day of the season.

Man City ended triumphant after  2-4 away win against Brighton. They finished the season on 98 points, Liverpool came second with an incredible 97 points, having lost only one game all season.

Cardiff, Fulham and Huddersfield were all relegated to the Championship.

In the Women's Super League, Arsenal sealed the title on 10th May with a win 0-4 away win against Brighton. It's their first title triumph since 2012.

Only one team, Yeovil Ladies FC was relegated from the WSL to the Women's Championship. Two teams have been granted licences, after securing promotion to WSL on the pitch; Manchester United Women and Tottenmham Hotspur Ladies.  One down, two up was to ensure that an even number of teams compete in tier 1 WSL next season.

The English FA has announced today that Yeovil Ladies FC have not been granted a licence to play in the Women's Championship and have therefore been relegated to the 3rd tier of women's football.

This action by the English FA is not new, last season Sunderland suffered the same fate of being denied a licence to play in a league based on their on field performances.

Questions have to be asked about the plans the English FA have to ensure that women's football across the nation is supported at the top level in a sustainable way.