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Busy week of qualifiers for Women's World Cup 2019

12-April-2018 21:57
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England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland all played in UEFA group game qualifiers, with the aim of gaining places in the 2019 FIFA Women's World Cup in France.

There are 8 places up for grabs for teams from UEFA. The places will be allocated to the winners of each of the seven groups and the winner of play off games between four of the best runners up from the seven groups.

In the last week the following group game qualifiers were played;

5th April-    Group 1- Switzerland 1-0 Scotland

6th April-    Group 1- England 0-0 Wales

                 Group 3- Republic Ireland 2-1 Slovakia

                 Group 3- Netherlands 7-0 Northern Ireland

10th April-  Group 1- Bosnia Herzegovina 0-2 England

                 Group 2- Scotland 3-0 Poland

                 Group 3- Northern Ireland 0-3 Norway

                 Group 3- Republic Ireland 0-2 Netherlands


England currently stand in first place in Group 1, with Wales in second place.

Scotland are second in Group 2 to Switzerland.

The Republic of Ireland are second in Group 3 behind Netherlands, with Northern Ireland in fourth place ahead of Slovakia.

The next set of group games are to be played in June. All group games will be concluded by 4th September 2018, with the play off deciders being played in October and November 2018.