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£221m spent on agents in England

07-April-2017 21:32
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Clubs in English league football paid agents nearly £221m in fees over the last two transfer windows, according to figures released by the Football Association.

The numbers for the period ranging from February 2, 2016, to January 31, 2017, are up more than a third on figures for the two transfer windows in 2015, the last year for which there is a full breakdown.

Unsurprisingly, Premier League clubs lead the way in what the FA refers to as "payments to registered intermediaries", with more than £174m forked out.

Manchester City top the payments table with £26.3m, Chelsea are second on £25.1m and Manchester United third with £19m - Hull, on the other hand, paid agents just £1.9m.

Newcastle were the most generous in the Championship, giving agents £10.4m out of a league total of £42.4m.

As well as listing how much each club spent on agents, the FA is now required by FIFA to list each transaction that required an agent - information that agents and clubs have previously been very reluctant to share.

This data is presented over 16 Excel sheets in minuscule script but it is clear that certain firms and super-agents are doing very well.