4 Corners eSports section focuses on the emerging interactive world of gaming as a professional sport. 4 Corners is pushing the boundaries of the sports management market as one of the first agencies to recognise gaming as a professional sport with a dedicated Head of eSports. The eSports market is now officially bigger than the film industry and has over 75 million gamers world wide. The eSports industry has seen an exponential growth over recent years with revenue expected to reach over $1 billion by 2019. In 2016 one international gaming competition alone had prize money of £20 million. 4 Corners is committed to taking competitive gamers to the professional level representing them to attract sponsorship, endorsements and obtain professional contracts while the gamer can concentrate on competing. 4 Corners eSports team is using its contacts with FA Premiership professional football clubs to secure playing contracts for the top FIFA gamers.




Oliver has played FIFA competitively since 2012 winning several UK Regional tournaments in 2013. He continued to perfect his gaming skills when in 2016 he qualified out of 2 million global entrants for the prestigous FIFA World Cup Finals competing in the last 32 group stage and only just falling short of qualifying for the Round of 16 in closely fought matches. He is a Manchester lad who speaks French and Spanish, is studying at Leicester University and is an avid Birmingham City fan.